Mimi x Bragi

Hearables will change the way you hear.

Your ears are nothing short of a wonder. They are one of our most important sensing organs, vibrating with all the sounds around you, enabling you to hear, to sense the world, and to communicate with others. Fluids and tiny hair cells in your ears allow you to understand your body’s position relative to gravity so that you can maintain balance.


Since our early days at Bragi, we understood that the ears are essential for human beings and their lives. This is why we created The Dash, the world’s first hearable, a tiny and discreet computer worn in your ears - to enable, protect and entertain you. We believe that the proximity to the brain and the millions of nerve endings make the ears the right place for wearable technology.

As we push forward with our vision, we now want to bring intelligence into hearing technology. This outlook was the birth of Project Ears, a research and development initiative that aims to explore using the Dash in-ear computing platform and Bragi OS for hearing health use cases. 

We believe in a future in which hearables are smart enough to make Tinnitus and hearing loss irrelevant - technology will ultimately solve these problems in a way that you don't even realize that you had the problem in the first place. If it's not a cure, it will be a solution invisibly small and discreet and functioning imperceptibly.

Today as we celebrate World Hearing Day, we focus our attention on creating hearing devices that adjust to you and your unique needs. We want to bring you relief from distractions when you need it and enhance your hearing in environments where you face difficulties. We can already see the future of hearing and it is personalized and digital.